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Cabin Mortgages for Airdrie and Cochrane Clients


Airdrie and Cochrane Cabin Mortgage


Airdrie and Cochrane is the size of some of Calgary suburbs. It is relaxed but offers many suburban and semi-urban neighborhoods. Some want something even more remote. For them, a cabin mortgage may be just what they need.

In Airdrie and Cochrane, cabin mortgages have higher down payment requirements compared to conventional mortgages for primary residences. The minimum down payment for a cabin mortgage is 10% if it won’t be a full-time residence, but can be higher if the cabin lacks certain amenities like a full bathroom, kitchen, year-round heat, or year-round access. The value of the property and its accessibility are also factors considered by lenders when determining loan amount. Lenders prefer properties with easier access, full bathroom and kitchen, and year-round heat, as they are easier to resell if the mortgage is not paid.

Lenders in Airdrie and Cochrane prefer cabins with a full bathroom and kitchen as it increases the property’s appeal and resale value. If a cabin lacks either of these amenities, the odds of obtaining a loan go down significantly and the minimum down payment can be 20%. If the cabin also lacks year-round heat or is only accessible in the winter, the minimum down payment increases to over 30%. These high down payment requirements are due to the lender’s concern about the property’s resale value if the mortgage payments are not made.

The value of a cabin in Airdrie and Cochrane depends on various factors such as the presence of a foundation, the need for a caretaker, proximity to amenities, and the type of amenities. If the cabin does not have a foundation, its value decreases. If a caretaker is required to keep the property habitable, its value also decreases due to the risk of damage. On the other hand, lakefront properties and properties close to resorts are valued higher as they offer more amenities and can attract more potential buyers. The proximity to a resort community may also ensure that there is a caretaker on site, which can increase the value of the property.

Here are a few minimum requirements to be able to put just ten percent down on a cabin mortgage::

  • At least a three piece bathroom, full kitchen, bedroom and common area
  • Must have a heat source, though it doesn’t have to be permanent – think stove, fireplace or blower furnace
  • Must have indoor plumbing and running water on site but could be from a well or water tank
  • A foundation is required, but it could be a floating foundation
  • Cabin must be at least 750 square feet
  • No more than five acres
  • Good credit required (generally 680+ credit score)


If you meet all of these requirements, lenders may allow a 10% down payment, even if the property has only seasonal access. That’s especially true if it is in a popular area.


Talk to a Airdrie and Cochrane mortgage broker like Whalen Mortgages Airdrie and Cochrane to learn about the mortgages available to you before you go shopping for a cabin. We may be able to help you qualify for a lower down payment or lower interest rate. We can also help you secure a land loan on which you could build the cabin you want or get a construction loan to build on property you already own.



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